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30 Ways To Make Extra Cash Today!

-BONUS- Apps That Pay You To Use Them! We have established a well built list of Mobile Apps and Websites that pay you real money to use them! Some involve simple tasks such as completing surveys, small tasks, reviewing items, and playing games! Click Here For Our List Of The Top Apps And Websites That Pay Real Money!

1. Invent A Product

Have you ever had a great idea for a top consumer product or invention? Well take that idea to the drawing board and bring it to life! You could be the next top entrepreneur with the next top product on the market!

2. Pick Up A Paper Route 

Paper routes are a great way to make a few extra hundred dollars a month, especially if you have a very fuel efficient vehicle. Contact some of your local paper businesses such as The Vindicator and see if they have any available routes to work.


3. Become A Writer

Have a passion for writing? Use that passion to make a passive income! Create articles, scripts, and even use your writing skills for others in need. There are several platforms online where you can apply your skills, you can even write E-Books to make an extra flow of income.

4. Donate Plasma
Not only does donating plasma put some cash in your pocket but it can save the lives of others. Most donation centers will pay well for your plasma, especially if you have allergies, immune system deficiencies, or high immunity to diseases.  

5. Design A Mobile App
Create the next big hit in the app industry, could be a game, informational app, instructional app, etc. as you can find mobile app creation programs that have drag and drop systems that make it easy to be a creator or developer!

6. Create Art
Bring out your inner artist and use your creative side! You can create works of art and sell your items on Etsy, Ebay, and Locally for a few options! Fiverr is also a great place to sell your work from graphic design to drawings you never know who might be looking for your help!

7. Photography
If you go to beautiful places and enjoy scenic views, cash in on the oppurtunity when it's present! The world is a beautiful place and people will pay to see that world through your eyes.

8. Make Jewelry
Turn this hobby into a craft that is profitable, you can use sights like Ebay, Etsy, & Poshmark to sell your creations of jewelry!

9. Learn A Trade/Skill
Skilled workers are often needed. Construction, pipe fitting, electricians, plumbers, construction managers, welders, etc. Will always be needed! A great website to check out is 

10. Create Tutorial Videos
If there's something that you are good at or know how to accomplish, make a video of doing it to help teach others! 

11. Create A YouTube Account
A great way to reach and teach others is to use the platform YouTube! On top of reaching out to others, youtube will pay to advertise before and/or during your videos. Why not create a channel? 

12. Design A Website
Create a website that you can then publish your work on. On top of that you can put advertisements on your site if you receive high traffic you can make your website profitable.

13. Babysit
Only do this if you are good with others and children! It is important that you, as other things, don't do it with lesser intentions because you will be responsible for the children you are watching.

14. Create Crafts
If you have a hobby such as paper machete, scrap booking, building dioramas, etc. You can sell your crafts to others!

15. Write And Sell E-Books
Maybe you have a collective knowledge of something turn it into a book or even an ebook that you can then sell or publish for free to others.

16. Tutor Students
Use your knowledge to help others in need. Make sure your knowledge is true to form as you will be passing it on to others.

17. Give Lessons
Know how to play an instrument or know a trade, charge individuals for lessons. 

18. Buy And Sell Electronics
If you can buy certain electronics at a good price, buy them and resell them for an up charged price. Make sure that you are certain you can resell what you buy or else you may have to hold onto it for a while.

19. Buy And Sell Books
Thrift stores sell books very cheaply which you can buy and resell for a higher price. Garage sales are also a great place to look for cheap books.

20. Become An Amazon Seller
Most of the products found on amazon are bought in large quantities, then rebranded and sold on amazon. You can buy items and resell them or if you create your own products or crafts you can become an amazon seller and reach millions of possible customers.

21. Sell Products On Etsy
Etsy is another great platform to sell items on to possible customers.

22. Donate Sperm
Well, this is pretty simple but you must have a bachelor's degree to be considered as a donor!

23. Pick Up Scrap
You would be surprised at what is thrown out on the curb, there are plenty of times where you can find various metals that have value for their weight at your local scrapyard. 

24. Go Metal Detecting
If you have a metal detector that is a great hobby to have because you never know what you may find you can find a gold ring a gold necklace silver jewelry anything from guns to pop can tabs but it is something to do in your spare time that may increase your chances of finding treasure which in turn will bring money to your pocket.

25. Return Plastic Bottles For Deposit

In some states plastic bottles can be recycled for a refund of the original deposit on the plastic bottle or container as an incentive to recycle! Not only is it a good way to make extra money but you will also be helping the enviroment while doing so. You'll have to check to see if your state has a deposit program on plastics but if they do it can be very easy to find plastic bottles in trash cans, outdoors, and other highly trafficked public areas!  

26. Create Street Performances

If you have a special talent such as singing or dancing, show it to the world! Performing on the street for tips can be very lucrative especially when you are talented at doing something different or being good at a talent in general. I would advise to be aware of your local solicitation laws and ordinances before you start just to be safe!

27. Walk Dogs

If you're good with animals and dogs in particular try becoming a dog walker! Its a cool way to make some extra dough while getting exercise too. Try advertising your services locally on craigslist, Facebook, and even at dog parks! People who have dogs but not enough time to give them the proper exercise they need are willing to pay someone else to do it for them!

28. House Sit

If you have any friends or relatives that are going out of town or on vacation offer to watch over their house for a fee.Offer to check up on the house, water the plants, and even take out the trash or small house keeping chores that may be needed!

29. Cut Lawns

If you have a lawn mower and a gas can take a stroll through your neighborhood and look for lawns that haven't been maintained properly, or even go door to door to try and get clients. Some individuals don't have the time, energy, or health to do it themselves so they will pay you to do the job! Make sure to first cover your costs of gas when deciding how much to charge, based on the size of the lawn.

30. Shovel Snow

This is a great way to make extra money in the winter time if it snows in your area. If you have a shovel you have the opportunity to make some money, and even more money if you have a snow blower! After a heavy snow go door to door and offer your snow shoveling services for a price based on the size of whatever you're shoveling and how long it will take you to do so.